About the Institute of Theology and Ecology at the Orthodox Academy of Crete

In 1991 the OAC established this Institute in order to advance the much-needed interlinking of theology and ecology in the struggle for the protection of the Divine Creation and to further develop and strengthen its work in this area. The Institute has, among other, the following tasks:

a) To promote the publication of texts of ecological interest, in particular:

- an epitome of texts of ecological interest from the Holy Scriptures and the patristic, liturgical and in general Christian Literature

- translation and publication of foreign theological and other texts of ecological content

- preparation and publication of a comparative Lexicon of Theology and Ecology.

b) Intensification of ecological dialogue between theologians, technologists, economists, politicians and others, taking into account related interecclesiastical and other initiatives and decisions.

c) The development of an interorthodox dialogue on ecological issues.

d) to establish and develop interreligious ecological dialogue (mainly between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) on the complexity of ecological problems of the Mediterranean and to formulate together and accept an ECOLOGICAL CHARTER OF THE MEDITERRANEAN with basic ethical principles and mutual affirmations for a long range cooperation toward ecological protection of the Mediterranean.

f) The application of pedagogical measures of ecological theory and praxis, especially in the framework of the ecumenical-international activity of the EUROMEDITERRANEAN YOUTH CENTER of the OAC.